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Segunda-feira 29/04/2013 Parte 01

Segunda-feira 29/04/2013 Parte 02


Joey Mofoleng - Lekunutung LeMorena BY EYDELY WORSHIP CHANNEL


Chris Tomlin - Crown Him (Majesty) Lyrics Featuring: Kari Jobe BY EYDELY...

Come to Apostolic Faith Church for the Chick-fil-A® Leadercast®

The Power of Prayer and Intercession

Creflo Dollar Praying in the Spirit 2

28.04.2013 Tamil Church Thalwil

28.4.2013 Tamil Church Thalwil

Be Healthy and Prosperous! - Gloria Copeland

Taji - Imani

I'm Not What I Used To Be

Renew Your Mind to the Word of God - Gloria Copeland

Sábado 27/04/2013

The Spirit of The Lord is at Pastors and Leaders 2013

Benny Hinn - The Secret to Victory

Benny Hinn - Fire Falling in Louisville

Creflo Dollar Praying in the Spirit

The Power of Resurrection in Colombia

Copy of Joel Osteen says You'll Get Double for Your Trouble

The Divine Covenant of Protection

How to Overcome Anger

Sexta-feira 26/04/2013

Sexta-feira 26/04/2013

Mr Seed - Celebrate [Music Video]

Jaya - Heart Right Here [Music Video] {@Jayawinjaya, @GeoSlice, @Nativez...

The Foundation of Unwavering Love (Classic "In Touch")

Mango Salsa

COR 4-24-13 Bible Study

Joseph Prince - The Battle For Your Mind DVD Trailer

WorshipMob Prayer & Worship - Thursday, April 25, 2013

The "Round Up" Intercession

Take Your Healing Part 1 - Gloria Copeland

Kenneth Copeland Invites You To The Southwest Believers' Convention

Apostasia dos últimos tempos - Quarta-feira 24/04/2013 Aula 10 Mod.07

Ambassada - Take Me

Mercy Ohemaa - Yesu Mogya

Bring It On-Line: Teaching God's Word

Gobernando a través de la Oración y la Intercesión III Pt1

USM - University of the Supernatural Ministry

Gobernando a través de la Oración y la Intercesión III Pt2

Gobernando a través de la Oración y la Intercesión Pt1

USM - Universidad del Ministerio Sobrenatural

End Time Conflict Pt.2

Gobernando a través de la Oración y la Intercesión V Pt2

Gobernando a través de la Oración y la Intercesión I Pt1

Programación Especial: Testimonios y Milagros

Gobernando a través de la Oración y la Intercesión IV Pt1

La Provisión // Provision

Gobernando a través de la Oración y la Intercesión IV Pt2

God's Ingredients to Success

Quinta-feira 25/04/2013

Badili International - Baba Ahsante

Joseph Prince - The Power Of Right Believing - 21 Apr 13

Badili International - Baba Asante

Bethany Church Choir - Heri Siku Moja

Carol Wanjiru - Mwihoko

Bring It On-Line: God's Grace

Quarta-feira 24/04/2013

Attitude Adjustment II

Grace Hosea - Maisha Yangu Nakupa

Apostle John Eckhart - Leap Year Part 2

Apostle John Eckhart - Leap Year Part 1


Love is War Song Story - hillsong UNITED

Zion is Here

WorshipMob - Song of the Lamb (by Harvest Bashta) - Real. Live. Worship.

Your Thought Life: Gateway to Your Destiny

Духовная беседа в Оптиной Пустыни 21 апреля 2013 г.

Jane Gathoni ft Mary - Unatengeneza Njia

Opayo - Makbada [LYRICS VIDEO]

Terça-feira 23/04/2013

COR 4-21-13 Hour Of Power

Salome Mwambindo - Bwana Niambie

Prosperity on Gods Terms - Part 9a

W.A.R. Word of Faith and Reformed Theology Pt2

Victoria Osteen Reading to Children at His House Children's Home

Alphy ft Jacky B & Imani Odero - Igwe

Janet Otieno ft Christina Shusho - Napokea Kwako

Ringtone - Mungu Yupo

Sexta-feira 19/04/2013

My son is being bullied (Ask Dr. Stanley)

Pastor Paula White - ''10.10.10.- We have come full circle"

Prosperity on Gods Terms - Part 8b

Joseph Prince - Why Jesus Is The Answer - 14 Apr 13

The Victim Is The Victor

How to make Jeera Aloo | Spiced Potatoes Recipe

Programación Especial: Restaurando el Sacerdocio (I28_R)

One moment in the Presence of God will change YOU! (I29)

Bring It On-Line: Fighting Depression

Akonga - Wewe Ni Bwana

TPT - And Ye Shall Have It - Part 2 - April 14, 2013

Sovereign Over Us - by Aaron Keyes - WorshipMob Intimate Sessions - Real...

Do Not Despise Small Beginnings (Missions to India)

Informers ft Mr T - Why You Crying

Danny Gift - Najua Upo { @dannygift_ @tamusanarecords }

Lukus Simari - Unconquered

Finding Lost Things

Hillsong UNITED Up In Arms Song Story

Sharing the Gospel in the Face of Danger

2012 Faith Refresher

Agnes Mugeni - Unatawala

Domingo 14/04/2013 - Feitiçaria religiosa - Aula 08 Mod. 07

7 Places Your Journey With God Will Take You

Paula White - Fashioned to Fit the Plan of God - Life By Design

Sexy Hot Moves - TheHiit #5

Segunda-feira 15/04/2013

Carol Wanjiru - Turi Ohore [LYRICS VIDEO]

The Potter's House North Dallas - 3rd Anniversary

Roy Fields | It's Supernatural with Sid Roth | Heaven's Sound

Drink Or Die

Слово в день памяти прп. Варсонофия Оптинского 14.04.13

David Kasika - Nitakushukuru

The Third Secret of Fatima (2nd Edition)

Психотерапия и Православие

Joyce Omondi - Kweli

Sábado 13/04/2013

COR 4-7-13 Hour Of Power

Priscilla Bet - Nakuita

The Power of Forgiveness

Creflo Dollar - Winning in Spiritual Warfare 3

Benny Hinn - Raw Anointing of the Spirit in Thailand

And Ye Shall Have It ~ Bishop TD Jakes

Trouble believing in God (Ask Dr. Stanley)

WTAL 2012 - You Have It In You