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To Live is Christ - Daryl Coley

Jonathan Edwards Sermon - Conviction of Sin Results In Guilt

TD Jakes, What's The Big Idea

Ambassada - Ayaya [Preview]

Linda Muthama - Siku Njema

CAP 2011 Especial Pt.1

Unity & Truth Go Together by Shane Idleman

It's Time For The Lord To Work by Carter Conlon

Jesus is Peace for those Far or Near - John Dees

Are you living in "promise poverty"?

Sexta-feira 31/08/2012

The DNA Blessing That Creates Wealth

Move To The Other Shore - Doc McKenzie & The Gospel Hi-Lites,"Live"

Creflo Dollar, You are Not Condemned! (Serie 35.2)

Matthew Henry - Seek ye First the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness ...

Thomas Watson - Do not be Proud of Your Fine Feathers

The "Unreleased Prayer Collection" of Apostle R.D. Henton

Tophet - The Beating of Drums - Part 1 by Robert Wurtz

Benny Hinn sings "Songs of Worship" (London 2012)

Joyce Meyer ~ Getting Your Day Started Right - part 1

Joyce Meyer ~ Getting Your Day Started Right - part 2


The Bible Experience

Healing the Father Fracture

Joyce Meyer ~ Getting On with Life - part 1

Joyce Meyer ~ A Merciful and Forgiving Attitude - part 1

Quarta-feira 29/08/2012 - Aula 06 Módulo 04 - Batismo no Espírito Santo II

Against All Odds

Bring it On

Insight with Pastor Mercy



Security and Safety Today

Chosen Generation

Reverberation: Amplified

Against All Odds

Kidsfest 2012 Promo (For Kids Leaders)

Chris Kendall is THE GERMINATOR

John Owen - What To Do When Under The Power Of A Prevailing Sin - Cases ...

Quinta-feira 30/08/2012

"I AM" That "I AM" Sent Me - Youth Pastor Hosea Collins

Man In The Middle - Remix (VHS) - Doc McKenzie & The Gospel Hi-Lites,"R...

Kate B - Moto Moto

T D Jakes and Eddie Long - I WILL BREAK THE BAD IN YOU

Creflo Dollar Choose God Choose Blessing Part 3

Furaha - Natamani

Born By The River -Your Blessing Will Come (VHS) - Doc McKenzie & The Go...

CAP Special Pt.6

CAP 2011: Profeta Cathy Lechner Pt.1

Quarta-feira 29/08/2012