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Jesus (Prayer)

The Holy Angels Church Home Page, An African American Catholic Church

Apostol Guillermo Maldonado (Sermons)

HillSong Pastor Brian Houston (Sermons)

T.D Jakes (Sermons)

Bill Winston (Sermons)

John Hagee (Sermons)

Creflo Dollar (The Character Of Covenant People)

God Loves You

Of The World                            God Loves You

Walking With Faith In God

Women Living Life (Please Help)

Joseph Prince Rest and Receive at Jesus Feet

Joyce Meyer ( Enjoying Everyday Life )

Joyce Meyer (One Life)

Joyce Meyer ( Intimacy )

Jocye Meyer ( Spending Time With God )

Benny Hinn ( How You Can Pray For The Sick )

Benny Hinn At Crystal Cathedal

Benny Hinn ( The 7 Keys In The Lord's Pray )

Joel Osteen (Go Afther The Prodigals)

Joel Osteen (Tell People What The Can Become)

Jeol Osteen (Power Of Your Visions)

Joel Osteen ( The Promise In You )

Charles G. Hayes (Jesus Can Work It Out Remix)

Jesus Of Nazareth (The Movie)